At the beginning of the book, three men fi nd $4 million in a crashed plane. e) Peggy was on holiday. Ejercicios y actividades online de Present simple and present continuous. (1/2) Click here to download this exercise in PDF. Theme. There’s also a fun test so that you can practice what you’ve learned. Are … coming 4. is raining 8. weighs C 1. rarely see our friends in the country 2. are having supper 3. don’t think she’s beautiful Show all. per esprimere preferenze generali e opinioni. ReorderingHorizontal_MTYyNjg= Present simple questions 4. Download full-size image from Pinterest . as a teacher. 4) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Present? d) I was having breakfast. a) Are you Greek? My father . Wendy writesis writing an email to her boyfriend … Present simple vs present continuous – use . 6 Present perfect simple e continuous (25-27, 30-31) Present perfect simple – uso Si usa il present perfect per esprimere un evento o una situazione che hanno conseguenze nel presente o per parlare di un’azione iniziata nel passato e che continua nel presente. The other choice should be incorrect or at least very … He doesn't make lunch. Present Simple Present Continuous I work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Main content: Present simple and present continuous Other contents: reading and writting Add to my workbooks (847) Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp She is stayingin the Kowloon Hotel. Simple Present and Present Continuous (B&W+KEY included) A worksheet to practice on both Simple Present and Present Continuous. 4. At the moment she _____ (travel) in the Sahara Desert. Make the negative with 'don't or 'doesn't Present continuous use the verb 'to be' and '-ing[ Add 'not to make the My dad makes dinner every day. Matching_MTYyNzM= Present continuous 2. There are two exercises: 1)Sts fill in the blanks with Sinple Present(affirmative-negative or question)They see the time expression used in Simple Present. Present simple use . a) Anne is always coming late. 1. Ad esempio: I usually get up at 7am. (don't = do not) I don't live in London now. REVISION EXERCISES: PRESENT SIMPLE/ PRESENTE CONTINUOUS A.- Read the following text and do the comprehension activities: 1.- Indicate whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F), and write the part of the text that supports your answer. Mark studie 4) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Present? Present simple and present continuous 1. I sometimes go to the library. 2,422 Downloads . More. PRESENT SIMPLE AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS FOR THE FUTURE. Present continuous 3. 2. Fichas interactivas gratuitas para practicar online o descargar como pdf para imprimir. Share Share by Claramingrino. Present simple or present continuous? 3. It usually . Present Simple and Continuous for Describing Your Company and Job In each pair of sentences below one should be Present Simple (e.g. I am not solving some math problems at the moment. By mimozder This PowerPoint presentation contains detailed explanation of these two tenses but their usage is … He English. per descrivere fatti permanenti o a lungo termine. Don't help the Persian king Darius. Choose Simple Present. a.- Libraries at Roedean are well-equipped. 2. Per esempio: Lions live in Africa. María _____ (work) for a TV station. Il present simpl e è utilizzato nelle seguenti situazioni: . My favourite team _____ (win)! Present Simple vs Continuous Exercise 2 - You can try our interactive Fill in the blanks exercise and also download the exercise in PDF format. Habits or situations that happen regularly We use the present simple to talk about actions that we do (o we don’t do) regularly: I wash my hair every day. Choose The Present Simple or The Present Continuous tense to complete the sentences. – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Simple Present or Present Progressive - Test 2 - page 2 Someone _____ (swim) in the sea. Present Continuous (test) By tantana This worksheet was made as a test for teaching or revising two tenses - Present Simple and Present Continuous. Right now I am looking for information about famous … 6. I’ve invited Lucy to my party. Present continuous and present simple. Present continuous. Present simple or Present continuous? 1. I’m currently working on a new project. f) The largest number of people lives in … Present Simple & Present Continuous for Future. e) I'm here. Look at these sentences: I like tennis but I don't like football. The Main Differences Explained in … Po co nam to „ing”? 3. 2. Switch template Interactives Show all. I generally speak English. PDF Printables. Like. Note: The present continuous used to be known as the present progressive. Present Continuous 1. She ………………………….. spending time with her dogs. My school begins at … We are studying English now. Thomas readsis reading a book at the moment. PDF Simple Present vs Progressive 2. Fill in the blanks using present simple or present continuous. Log in required. Welcome to ESL Printables , the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. ... Download & View Reading Comprehension -simple Present Vs Present Continuous as PDF for free. 1. GapFillTyping_MTYyNjc= Present simple questions 3. GapFillTyping_MTYyNzQ= future plans or arrangements: Mary is going to a new school next term. I also play basketball on Fridays. per descrivere abitudini e routine. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Present simple use • To talk about habits and 2. in this time of the year, yet it right now. Verb Tense Exercise 1 Simple Present and Present Continuous. Put the verbs into the correct tenses each time. Simple present Present continuous For permanent situations For temporary situations She lives in Quarry Bay. Present Simple vs Present Continuous. Present simple and Present continuous Appunto con esempi e spiegazioni sull'uso dei due presenti inglesi: il simple present e il present continuous. 1. I _____ (watch) a reality show on TV. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Present simple/present continuous, shared by English language teachers. See exercise 2 here Exercise Choisissez le temps qui convient (présent simple ou présent progressif): 1. Present Simple / Present Continuous – Answers A 1. appears 4. are having 2. close 5. is seeing 3. is trying 6. don’t think B 1. takes 5. doesn’t forget 2. is studying 6. don’t eat 3. does … cost 7. Read and circle True or False. Present Simple or Present Continuous? f t p. Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Here are the sentences from the beginning of this lesson. We use the present continuous to talk about actions which are happening at the present moment, but will soon finish. 2. 3. Edit Content. present simple: add or for he / she it. Embed. Present Continuous or Simple Past to help Alexander the Great win. I don't … GapFillTyping_MTYyNzY= Present continuous … I play tennis every weekend and I watch tennis matches on TV every time there is one! I am not very good so I am learning with a trainer. This leaderboard … Use the simple present for actions that happen in general. Present simple questions 2. Jak jest różnica między Present Simple a Present Continuous? I like sport. Worksheet 2 Answers: 1. c) I don't usually have lunch at school. Present Simple vs. Jane often . TrueOrFalse_MTYyNzU= Present continuous 4. With these 184 worksheets on hand, you’ll never run out of exercises for practicing the present simple and present continuous tenses - no matter how many class period is takes to make sure your students get them right. Use the present continuous for actions happening at the moment or current/temporary projects. GapFillTyping_MTYyNjk= Present simple negatives. g) repeated actions . What are you doing next week? Read this article to learn the difference between the present simple (go, eat, drink) and the present continuous (be going, be eating, be drinking). So we use the Present Simple tense. f) fixed arrangements, scheduled events . b) Do you have a brother? d) Martin has been to Montreal. 5. Exercises. b) First I get up then I have breakfast. 2 Present continuous and present simple 2 Reminder ˜ A1–A5 We can use the present simple to refer to the contents of books, fi lms, newspapers, etc: Thompson gives a list of the largest European companies in Chapter 6.’s 184 present simple and present continuous tense worksheets approach these … My brother has a daughter and a son. e careful! verb + s) and one should be Present Continuous (am/ is/ are + verb + ing). e) things in general . Compare these two statements: (present simple) I play tennis. Present continuous 1. My grandfather often comes over for dinner at the weekends. Show more Show less . I never go to the library. View Simple present vs continuous - Explanation.pdf from INGLES 101 at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Simple Present Or Present Continuous © is playing play 4. We use the present simple tense when we want to talk about fixed habits or routines – things that don’t change. f) She lives in Sofia. Reading Comprehension -simple Present Vs Present Continuous [3no73qyp9eld]. … Los mejores recursos gratuitos para aprender y enseñar inglés Present Simple vs. Theme. Write the verb between brackets in the present simple or continuous. For repeated actions not connected to the For repeated actions connected to the moment of speaking moment of speaking Answers are at the bottom of the page. aren't stu in maths. I speak English; I am speaking; We say I speak English, because it is a fact. Ted is taking a shower right now. (present continuous/ progressive) I … What are we having for dinner tonight? Secondaria Primo Grado Secondaria Secondo Grado. Leaderboard. Every Monday, Sally (drive) her kids to football practice. c) He's just finished the letter. Il Present Simple. 2. Options. True or False.

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