Triple Sec was created in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier in France’s Loire Valley. The Combier Distillery remains on the original land he bought to build his factory. Standard delivery 1 … It has an intriguing herbal taste though is a bit more viscous than the Triple Sec. Quantité : Ajouter au panier . Sein erstes Produkt war ein dreifach destillierter Orangenlikör, der später eine große Schar an Nachahmern nach sich zog: Triple Sec. The Royal is a blend of triple sec, cognac, and Elixir de Combier (which includes ingredients like aloe, nutmeg, myrrh, cardamon, cinnamon, and saffron). L’Original Combier wird auch heute noch 100% natürlich hergestellt wie vor über 175 Jahren. Drinks&Co - Buy wine. Liqueur: Combier D'Orange Combier Original liqueur d'Orange is a brand of orange liqueur known as Triple Sec made in the Saumur region of France since 1834. Rating: 10; Value: 8; Royal Combier Type: Liqueur, Orange, Triple Sec. inc. 20% sales tax. Combier makes other products as well including Royal Combier ($36.99) and Rouge Cherry Liqueur ($25). But we’ll leave that battle to them. It’s a mix of Haitian orange peels, Normandy sugar beets, secret family ingredients and pure alcohol. History Notes “Curaçao Triple Sec” was definitely known by 1878. A triple sec from Combier, who claim that Jean-Baptiste Combier invented the orange liqueur sometime between 1834 and 1848 at their distillery in Saumur. Overall impression: Combier is a recent arrival in the United States, and it's marketed as a slightly less-expensive Cointreau replacement. Established in 1834, the Combier distillery is the oldest active distillery in the Loire Valley area. We all know Cointreau – a good cosmopolitan’s secret ingredient and preferred choice for cocktails that call for triple sec. Combier Triple Sec is still made using sun-dried orange skins from Saint-Raphaël, Haiti steeped in alcohol for 24 hours and distilled in 100-year-old copper-pot stills. The Combier distillery claims that triple sec was invented in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier in Saumur, France. Share your opinion! Type: Triple Sec. The original triple sec is the best - still. Combier is not new. He called it “Combier Liqueur d’Orange.” The liqueur is triple-distilled in copper stills to enhance its flavors and quality. Sein erstes Produkt war ein dreifach destillierter Orangenlikör, der später eine große Schar an Nachahmern nach sich zog: Triple Sec. Combier - Original Triple Sec $ 34.76 $ 49.66 / 1000ml. The Combier company states that in 1834, Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife made the first Triple Sec. Als Combier bemerkte, dass seine Kundschaft den Inhalt seiner Bonbons eigentlich mehr schätzte, als die Bonbons selbst, stieg er gänzlich auf die Herstellung von Likören um. Liqueur 24,90€ TTC. Selon Cointreau, le triple Sec aurait été inventé à Angers par le célèbre Edouard Cointreau. UK: London . It is available in both varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. Taux d'alcool. Now, there is Combier. It was Jean Baptiste Combier who created the now very famous liquor “Triple Sec”, his being first made in 1834. Original Combier, the world's first triple sec, is made according to the exact specifications of a proprietary recipe created in Saumur, France in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife Josephine. Winery: Distillerie Combier. GUIGNOLET d’ANJOU, soupes saumuroises, crèmes de pêches de vigne, crèmes de fruits rouges, crèmes de pamplemousses, triple sec ORIGINAL COMBIER, ROYAL COMBIER. The spirit dates back to 1834, when a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Combier combined sun-dried orange peels with triple distilled alcohol to create the … Some of the brands also have a soothing golden color, while others may be colorless too. You'll love buying liquors. Go to shop The Whisky Exchange. Distillery Combier: Triple Sec - See 206 traveller reviews, 141 candid photos, and great deals for Saumur, France, at Tripadvisor. A must have for classic cocktails calling for a drier form of triple sec or Dry Curacao . Not as balanced as Cointreau, skewing more toward sweetness. The Combier distillery claims that triple sec was invented some time between 1834 and 1848 by Jean-Baptiste Combier in Saumur, France. Nose: Subtle orange, alcohol. Made with sweet and bitter orange peels, the classic liqueur has a pleasant sweetness and plenty of citrus notes. Designed by Gustav Eiffel and using the same antique copper pot stills – which add complexity,nuance and depth to their products – unlike the column still used for most bulk triple sec … In modern parlance, triple sec is often used as a generic term for any … Le triple sec est une liqueur d'écorces d'orange utilisée dans de très nombreux cocktails et recettes, résultant d'une triple distillation d'écorces d'oranges douces et amères.. Deux versions plaident la création du Triple Sec. Élaboration: Le triple-sec L’Original Combier est élaboré à partir d’écorces d’oranges douces en provenance d’Espagne et du Maroc, et des oranges amères en provenance d’Haïti. Palate: Semi-dry, bitter orange, not much spice. - Tasting Panel Bouteille de 70cl . In fact, its touted as the original triple sec, having been around since 1834. Distinguished by its subtly-sweet orange flavor, triple sec is a liquor that adds quality to the most basic of cocktails. Combier and Cointreau both claim to be the world’s first triple sec producer. “ELIXIR COMBIER” 38% abv, 50cl (a plants liqueur) Another Combier product true to its historical roots is the re-released Élixir Combier dating from 1852. However, Jean Baptiste Combier also claims to have invented the term Triple Sec (triple distilled). Debated though that is, this is one of the originals, with a a bright citrus flavour. So pervasive, Cointreau is often called out by brand name in many cocktail recipes, including the famous Cosmopolitan, rather than simply calling for Triple Sec. La distillerie Combier située dans la Vallée de la Loire, en Anjou, revendique la paternité du triple-sec qui y est élaboré depuis 1834. Style: Triple sec, 80 proof Country of origin: France Color: Clear. According to Cointreau, its orange liqueur was created in 1875. Original Combier, the world’s first triple sec, is made according to the exact specifications of a proprietary recipe created in Saumur, France in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife Josephine. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife, Combier produced the first Triple Sec, some forty years before the better known Cointreau. Confectioners Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife created what is claimed to be the first orange liqueur of this style in 1834. Combier Triple Orange Liqueur. 700ml . It is a transparent liqueur. Free shipping in UK over £100. We use cookies, both own and third parties, to provide our services. One of the best out there and beats the competition hands down. Combier "Comparing Combier to triple sec is like comparing a Monet to a kid's finger painting." We have not moved since the beginning and all production takes place there. When it comes to Triple Sec (or Triple Dry) orange liqueur, the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room is Cointreau. The very first “Triple Sec” is consequently as close as possible to its’ original recipe today, as it was back in the 1830’s. Triple Sec is popular for use in making cocktails such as cosmopolitan, margarita and white lady. Is the difference between Curaçao Liqueur and Triple Sec marketing driven? Cointreau (since 1875) claims to have invented the name Triple Sec, based on the 3 different types of oranges they use. For over a century this liqueur has been in use as a popular ingredient with many mixed drinks. Orangenschalen werden getrocknet aus der Karibik eingekauft, dann in Saumur in Wasser eingeweicht. Fabricant d’eau de vie bio, de sirops bios. The name Triple sec means, ‘triple distilled’. The first Triple Sec was invented by Jean-Baptiste and Josephine Combier in Saumur, France in 1834 and on the back of the popularity of the Orange Liqueur, the Combier company was established. This is our main product; and we were the first to produce it. However, Combier was more famous for its élixir Combier, which contained orange but also many other flavorings. According to Cointreau, its … Also good in cooking-sauces, glazes, or on ice cream. triple sec L'Original Combier Triple Sec, Triple Sec. Have you tasted it? Its all-natural recipe and light, citrusy scent is attracting lots of attention lately. Distillery Combier: Triple Sec - See 206 traveler reviews, 141 candid photos, and great deals for Saumur, France, at Tripadvisor. Original Combier Triple Sec. However, the Combier distillery was more famous for its élixir Combier, which contained orange but also many other flavorings. Il Triple sec per la prima volta è stato prodotto nel 1834 proprio nel paese transalpino dal confettiere Jean Baptiste Combier usando la scorze di arance (originariamente di Haiti) macerate in alcol e quindi distillate in alambicchi di rame antichi. Sure, on first whiff, Combier is a bit lighter, and Cointreau has a headier orange presence, but that's really fairly insignificant in the lime juice-saturated margarita game. The line dividing triple sec and curaçao is shaky, to say the least. Fabricant de sirops aux fruits rouges, sirops aux noix, épices et plantes, sirops d’agrumes, sirops exotiques, sirops rafraîchissants. If you are serious about your ingredients, and triple sec in particular, you need a bottle of Combier for you bar. The brand Combier claims 1835 as its creation date, with “sun-dried orange peels from the West Indies, local spices from the south of France, alcohol from France’s northwest, and secret ingredients from the Loire Valley – a formula that became the world’s first triple sec: Combier Liqueur d’Orange.” Combier L'Original Triple Sec Liqueur Be the first to review this product Created nearly 180 years ago by a husband and wife team, Combier is the original triple sec.

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